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Social  Enterprise

MOROCCAN MADE is empowering Moroccan women to provide for themselves and their families through sustainable social enterprise. The women are paid a fair wage and work in a safe, clean environment.

This inaugural project for MOROCCAN MADE is pennant bunting flags  made from up-cycled Moroccan scarves and textiles. The textiles are sourced and washed and sewn into flags. The trim is made from traditional braided Moroccan silk.

Many of the pennant bunting in this first series were made with the colors of Morocco - red and green. When the Moroccan king is going to be arriving, the towns get decked out in red and green flags and pennant bunting to welcome him. These flags are perfect to use as you decorate for Christmas and prepare to welcome the King!


Be watching for new upcoming handmade products, including more flags of all colors, created by these women through MOROCCAN MADE!

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