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I love to work with texture and dimension in my oil paintings, and so typically in my work I create layers of collage and fabric on my canvases and panels as my “under-paintings” per se, sealing them and painting the images as the final layers of each piece.  The material for the collage layers comes from found text and images, mostly papers, many of them handmade, as well as other materials I have created myself.  In my work about heritage and generations, my source of fabrics was old clothing that had stories from being lived in and worn.  For The Coming series, I chose eastern style fabrics, royal satins and brocades alongside of rough earthy fabrics and burlap, sewing them together into unified patchworks.  

The vision for my themes is a result of prayer, research, and study, and I find joy in using the resources and abilities God has given me, to communicate transcendent reality through images.  


​​Oil paintings on pieced, repurposed fabric.

On being rooted and passing our stories on to the next generation.


​​Commissioned work,

murals, sculptures, and drawings.


​​Oil paintings on pieced fabric and collage,

telling the great story of the arrival of the long awaited promises of God.


​​A peak into my process,

through the pages of my sketchbook,

as I create mixed media paintings.


​​Oil paintings, collages, and encaustic photography, of the "land of the setting sun", with all it's color and inspiration.


Follow the steps of the making of one painting from start to finish.

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