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The paintings in this series were created using layers of different materials.  Beneath the painted images, actual pieces of fabric were sewn together and sealed to the canvas.  Layers of paper, text, drawings and designs were sealed down as a foundation on which the images were painted.  Beyond the physical layers of these paintings lies an even deeper level of meaning and a great story that has been unfolding for thousands of years.  The foundation of this magnificent story is found in the words of God in the Bible, and its impact is seen in the lives of all who have been changed by it.  As one who fears God, I have studied His words to know and understand this great story, and to convey it through my paintings so that the true meaning will be made clear, and the greatness of God will be seen.  This is the story of the long awaited promises of God that were fulfilled two thousand years ago.  This is the story of The Coming.

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