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I have taken on several commissioned works over the past years and worked in new mediums, which is always a fun challenge.

The 64 foot mural and lighthouse design in Escondido was a huge project, but turned out awesome, especially considering it was painting on 3/4" plywood that was sealed, cut out, painted and then mounted onto a temporary building, so that it could be moved when the building was no longer in use.


Two of my commissioned portraits were actually painted on the childrens' baby clothes that their mothers gave to me to use! I cut the little clothes up and pieced them together into my "underpainting". Now they've got those memories up on the wall, rather than boxed away in an attic!


And when I had access to a kiln, I created several fired clay sculptures, a process that I absolutely loved. There's just something powerful about shaping forms out of clay.

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