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I now have a new feature in my online store. It’s called The Friday Outlet - a collection of seconds, extras and slightly imperfect books...all at a great discount! I’ll be adding a new item to the outlet every Friday, so be sure to check in.

The idea for this was born because I have some books that came from the printer with slight imperfections in the covers - a scratch, a dinged corner, etc. Since I couldn’t sell an imperfect book for full price, I figured this would be a great opportunity to make them available to you at a discount! And the imperfections are hardly noticeable since the printed cover is designed to look like an old, worn, well-loved book anyway! Click HERE to see it in The Friday Outlet. It’s only $28 - over 25% off!

Also featured in the Outlet will be items like test prints of my paintings - created with the same archival paper and pigment ink, but with slight variance in color from the originals, since they were created when testing for the color accuracy of the limited edition prints.

Beautiful, long-lasting prints at a great discount!

And The Friday Outlet will be the place to find special promotions and sales I’ll be having periodically.

Enjoy! And be sure to check in on Fridays!

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