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I’ve been traveling lately, speaking and doing book signings for my book, The Coming. Last weekend I flew to Sacramento, CA and when I arrived at the baggage claim area to get my suitcases (full of books, prints and cards), I was greeted by these wonderful sculptures that made me smile! Aren’t they great?! For one who loves old trunks and suitcases, it was quite exciting to see these pillars of real antique luggage piled to the ceiling! So ingenious!

This art piece was created by Brian Goggin in 1998. It’s called “Sampson” and 700 pieces of luggage were used to make it. Click on his name above to see some of his other work - it’s really quite fascinating!

This weekend I’m in Seattle, WA for another book signing. The Oakland airport (were I had a layover) also had some cool art, and I’ll post about that as soon as I get the pictures off of my camera.

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