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Another Friday Outlet discount!

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The title of this painting is "Redeemed".

I collect jars. I save them from the trash when their contents are emptied and they have no value to others. But they are valuable to to me, and I transform them from discarded glass into prized treasures sitting on my shelf. I wash them and set them up to be enjoyed and admired, and to hold wonderful things. We are like those discarded jars in the trash. We possess no value of our own. We are filthy and smelly with the rottenness that’s inside of us. There is no reason anyone should desire us. We are labeled as waste and doomed for the dump. But God reaches down and picks us out (through no merit of our own). He redeems us, saying “This jar that was once trash, I now call my own prized possession!” He washes us clean, and fills us with His treasure. He sets us on His windowsill for all to see and marvel at, as His light shines through our glass and creates sparkling reflections off of our new contents. He has a whole collection of jars that He created for His display, each of which He has redeemed from the trash. We are all unique – different heights, sizes and colors, with different uses, for the greatest display of His glory.

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