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One of the things I love about Moroccan culture is their tradition of Henna Art.

It was so much fun to spend time with my Moroccan friends getting henna drawn on our hands, so I brought a bag of Henna back with me and learned how to do it myself.

The picture at top is my hand right now.

I just came back from vacation in the mountains with my family, and the tradition I have now with my sisters is that I do henna drawings on us all when we’re together on vacation. Moroccan women get henna for special occasions, like weddings.

Henna is a green plant, that’s dried and ground into a fine powder. You mix the powder into a paste with warm sugar water and lemon juice (and I add lavender oil for the fragrance). Then, using either a syringe or a coned cellophane tube, you draw the paste onto your skin. The henna soaks into the skin and dries on, so that when you eventually scrape it off, it has created a temporary orange/brown dyed design, which lasts at least 2 weeks.

So fun! The other two pictures are my friends' hands that I did - they had visited Morocco, so having henna done again brought back great memories! (those are before scraping off the dried paste, so they’re much darker).

Note: Real, natural henna is alway green and dyes orange/brown. NEVER get black henna, because it contains black hair dye - a chemical that can cause serious damage...ugly scarring in the shape of the design and possibly cancer! Black henna looks cool, but it’s definitely not worth it!

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