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Last month I finally moved to Morocco to open my art studio and work here on my art! This has been quite a transition, so I’m sorry for the infrequent blog posts and the delays in order fulfillment! We’re working out those glitches and will hopefully have everything running smoothly soon! Thanks for your patience! I’ve been learning my way around my new city and trying to remember all the Arabic I learned when I lived here before!

But after just being here a month, I’ll be gone now for a month, on a trip. I’ve been invited to join The Al Hussain Society for Islamic Art in Bahrain for their annual live art exhibit in December (more on that in a later post). And for these next 3 weeks prior to the exhibit, I’ll be in Oman for an intensive Arabic course.

Super exciting opportunities, so when I have internet connection, I’ll be posting here - especially with the progress of the painting I’ll be making at the exhibit in Bahrain.

After all this, I’ll be returning mid-December to my new home in Morocco, so don’t be confused by this little detour to the Arabian Gulf!

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