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And you thought your TO DO list had overwhelmingly large tasks on it! Mine says things like, “Answer Emails”, “Study Arabic” and “Update Website” and then it says “Sew The World”!, so I’m working on it!! I always get crazy ideas for my art, and wonder what I was thinking - but they’ve always turned out to be worth it! This is for the under-layer of the painting I’ll be making live in Bahrain next week. Here are all the details:

“Jesus and Mohamed: Paths to Peace” - Al Hussaini Society for Islamic Art - Annual Live Art Group Exhibition

Time: Friday and Saturday, Dec. 3-4 from 4pm - 9pm

Location: Jawad Dome Food Court, Bahrain

If you’re in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, please come by to watch!

Note: that’s henna on my hand in the picture - I’ll post more on that later.

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