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These are some process pictures of the painting I'm working on for the upcoming exhibit in Bahrain. The lower 2/3rds of the painting will have a fabric under-layer, but the top third will be collage. And it all has to be finished and dry before the exhibit, so that it’s ready to paint on. This is the process I go through to create a layer of collage before I paint:

~ Beginning the collage and laying out the pieces. Sometimes it has to become a mess before it can come together into something beautiful!

~ Creating collage elements by making drawings on papyrus that I got in Egypt.

~ Laying out all the pieces of the collage in place. I take pictures so I remember where they all go.

~ Then I take it all apart and start glueing the pieces down, starting with the bottom layers first.

~ Once they're all glued down, and dry, I seal the whole collage with several layers of acrylic matte medium.

You can view larger images of all the steps, in the process GALLERY for this painting.

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