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Came across this clothing brand in Spain -

I love it! Super fun and creative, with layers and stitching and non-standard use of fabrics that reminds me of my art and the quilts that I make!

I love creative fashion, and altered clothes, and I’m always coming up with ideas that don’t exist yet, so I get out my sewing machine and hunt for what I need at a thrift store and make the ideas myself. I’ll have to post some of those creations for you to see.

In the mean time, I went through all the pictures on the Desigual website and found the ones that were my favorites. Some of their clothing design is not modest enough for me, but the style is excellent inspiration for making my own altered, patched designs. I made a Pinterest board HERE of the ones I like if you’re interested in seeing what inspires me.

I could never afford such clothing (coats are about $600!) but I really enjoy looking at them, and they spark all sorts of ideas for things I could make...

As a completely unexpected blessing from above, I was out in the souq (outdoor vegetable market) here in Tangier, Morocco, and I saw some used jackets hanging for sale...One of them was a knock-off brand with a very similar style to Desigual, for only 70 dirham ($8)! I love it when He does that! I bought it and have been enjoying wearing it. I’ll post a picture of it sometime.

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