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Welcome to my newly redesigned website!!

I'm SO excited to finally get to share with you what I've been working hard on this past month. This upgrade has been long in coming, and much needed, since the program I'd used for my old site was no longer supported and it was starting to malcfuntion.

Have a look around and check out the new features and design!

Now that I have a functioning blog again, I'm really looking forward to posting regularly (I actually now have a backlog of creative projects that I've been eagerly waiting to be able to share with you!).

And if you're interested in following my art, you can subscribe to get my emailed Rachel's Art Updates that I send out periodically (just fill in the form on the right).

And as always, I'd love to here from you, so post a comment and let me know what you think of the new design, or send a message with the form on the contact page - which actually works now! Hooray!

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