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And so the adventure continues...!

After nearly two and a half years of having to work from the States while recovering my health, I was finally able to return to Morocco last month! It's SO good to be back! I flew from San Diego to New York to Madrid to Tangier, and on the flight in to Tangier I had a great seat over the wing, with a spectacular view! That's Tangier below the wing, and the water above is the Straight of Gibraltar flowing out into the Atlantic Ocean on the left, and the land beyone the water is Spain and the rock of Gibraltar! It's so close! I guess I've never had such a view before when flying in. I knew it only takes about 40 minutes to cross by ferry, but when you see it from above, it's quite amazing!


After a 40 minute drive South East through the mountains, I finally arrived in Tetouan, my new home (I had lived in Tangier before). Tetouan is home to Green Olive Arts - the artist residency I co-own here, hosting artists from around the world and Morocco for times of creative production, collaboration and research. It's exciting to actually be on the ground here, and not working from a distance. I'm looking forward to getting settled in the studio, making new art (be watching for new posts on upcoming work!) and connecting with the great artists we have coming to GOA.

I'm especially looking forward to upcoming artist in residence, Carrie Mixon. You can follow the link to read more about her fiber art and her vision for her time here. It will also give you a great idea of what a residency entails and some creative ideas for involving others in the experience through crowd-funding. Congratulations to Carrie for a succesful campaign, exceeding her target goal!

Are you an artist (of any kind)? You should consider an art residency with us! We would love to host you here in Morocco!

And until you come, keeping checking my blog so you can follow along on my journey here, of art making and cultural exploration in this fabulous country!

On a final note, know that even though I'm now over here on this side of the ocean, my storehouse is still in California, and my paintings, books, prints and cards are still available to order from my online store.

Thank you to all of you who purchased my art in 2014 and made it possible for me to continue creating beauty and story with the abilities that have been entrusted to me!

May 2015 be filled with great adventures, abounding creativity, new friendships, deeper learning, and growing trust as we all steward the gifts that have been given to us!

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