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second edition

A 2nd edition art book of mixed media paintings, which tell the story of the arrival of the long-awaited promises of God...

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of all who backed this project, THE COMING is now in print again!!

I am overjoyed!   

From 2019-2020 I worked with a number of editors, refining the Arabic translation for the 2nd edition and updating all of that in the layout. I am very pleased with how it turned out!

Although the book is published by Al Kalima in Lebanon, we had it manufactured in Canada by TC Transcontinental Printing - the largest printer in Canada. The original printing company, that the publisher used in Lebanon to produce the 1st edition, did such an excellent job and used such high quality materials, that when they were unable to take on printing the 2nd edition, we were hard pressed to find another printer that could match the same quality! It is not easy to produce such a high caliber art book... the paper used, the precision, the color matching, and production all have to be top notch.

Transcontinental definitely delivered! I am SO pleased with how the book turned out and I am excited to share it with you!


We don't often get to see what goes into the making of a book. There are countless hours of creating the paintings and sitting at a computer writing the text, translating the text, designing the layout, refining, editing the translation and working out logistics. And then in the final stages, files are sent, corrections are made, color samples are approved and the printing and binding begins! I asked the printer to document this process for THE COMING in their book manufacturing facility, so that I could share this video with you... Enjoy!

 What 's new in the  2nd  Edition?

  • The Arabic translation is refined and edited.

  • The English text remains mostly the same, with a few minimal edits.

  • The cover of the book now has a Scuff-Free Matte Lamination, which has a great satin feel and will remain looking like new for years without clouding or scuffs (even though the design of the book's cover is wonderfully aged!)

  • The cover is brighter now and a better match to the actual color.

  • The price is lower! Now only $28 instead of $39

You can now purchase the book, the poster, and cards on my website:

Perks for Purchase - Book.jpg
Perks for Purchase - Poster.jpg
Perks for Purchase - Cards.jpg


It all began with a series of mixed-media oil paintings I created, paintings layered with fabric, collage, and found objects ...but beyond the physical layers in these paintings lay an even deeper level of meaning – the great story that has been unfolding throughout history. It's the story of the long awaited promises of God fulfilled two thousand years ago. It's the story of The Coming.

These paintings were then published in a full color art book, in Arabic and English: THE COMING - hope of all nations. It's a book for all who love and celebrate Jesus coming, and for all who are interested in the story behind Christmas. The depiction of this story through art is joined together in full page spreads with my written connecting narrative and quoted scriptures. These mixed-media, layered paintings draw viewers into the story and carry a message of hope that crosses cultural divides!

THE COMING has delighted and blessed so many. Since it was published in 2009 in Lebanon, 3,000 copies of were sold all over the world and it was still in high demand, but that 1st edition was out of print! I am so pleased that it's available again!

The Coming Cover Final sm.jpg

You can scroll through to see all 19 paintings from the book:

Open Book - The Coming.png


 May this book be a blessing to you and your family and friends!

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