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Let's Reprint


It all began with a series of mixed-media oil paintings I created, paintings layered with fabric, collage, and found objects ...and beyond the physical layers in these paintings lies an even deeper level of meaning – the great story that has been unfolding throughout history. It's the story of the long awaited promises of God fulfilled two thousand years ago. It's the story of The Coming.

And then these paintings were published in a full color art book, in Arabic and English: THE COMING - hope of all nations. It's a book for all who love and celebrate Jesus coming, and for all who are interested in the story behind Christmas. The depiction of this story through art, is joined together with my connecting written narrative and quoted scriptures in full page spreads.

THE COMING has had an enormous impact and now it’s out of print! 

Since it was published in 2009 in Lebanon, 3,000 copies of THE COMING have been sold all over the world and it’s still in high demand! My mixed-media, layered paintings draw viewers into the story and carry the message of hope that crosses cultural divides!



THE COMING needs to be made available again and

YOU have the opportunity to make that happen!

Will you join us?


My funding goal is $90,000, which will enable us to print 10,000 new copies and we have an even broader plan for global distribution this time! You can get involved by backing this project and spreading the word! This campaign ends January 1st, so we have 30 days to meet our goal!

If you would like to give, and help make THE COMING available again, I've created some great Perks for the different amounts you may choose to give, which I'll send to you to say THANK YOU for backing this project and believing in this book and the power of art to communicate and move our hearts! I created the poster of the painting "He is the Hope of all Nations" especially for this campaign! All the posters and cards will be delivered in January 2019, and the books will be sent after they are printed... most likely this coming Spring, but no later than Fall 2019.

You may also choose to give without receiving a Perk, if you would like the full amount of you gift to go toward funding the reprint of the book. You can do this my choosing the first option at the right, then selecting your donation amount, and then at checkout, in the comment box leaving a note that says "NO PERK" so that I know not to send you one. Thank you!

Two great things about reprinting this book using crowd funding:

  • Because all reprinting costs will be covered, I will be able to lower the retail price of the book and make it available to even more people!

  • And, backing this campaign is a long-term investment that will continue to multiply! This is the seed money for all future editions of this book, not just this second edition! I will be saving all the initial profits from its sales and setting that aside for printing the third printing when the time comes... and then repeating that again for the next printing, and on and on!

This funding campaign is being run through Allegro Organizational Solutions which is a registered non-profit in the USA only, under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will send a receipt for all donations. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. 















Thank you!

If you would like to follow the story of THE COMING's second edition printing, or if you have any questions about this funding campaign, you can fill out this form!



An art book of paintings telling the story of the arrival of the long-awaited promise of God...

(funding tracker is updated daily, not in real-time)


All gifts are tax-deductible and processed through Allegro Organizational Solutions. To back this project, choose an option below, and select the amount again to complete payment.


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